Fishing at Blue Moon Retreat

Views of fishing
Introduction 250,000 lakes and 1/5 of the world’s fresh water in Ontario.
Fish Species Ontario’s 158 species of fresh water fish (including records).
Gear & Supplies What & where re equipment.
Licenses You do need a fishing license.
Maps (Lakes) To help find the fish.
Seasons Which fish you can catch when.
Fishing in Algonquin Park Opportunities in the 7,700 sq km (3,000 sq m) park.
Fishing at Blue Moon Retreat Right off the dock or further out.
Fly-in Fishing Fly into a remote lake for even a day’s fishing.
Fishing in the area Five of the largest local lakes.
Lake Ontario & St Lawrence Fishing The Salmon Derby & its million dollar fish.
Ottawa Fishing Mix the changing of the guard with a charter on the Ottawa River.
Ottawa to Purdy Fishing Sample the fishing on the way from Ottawa.
Toronto to Purdy Fishing As you drive from Toronto – some opportunities.
Fishing Tournaments For those who thrive on competition.
Trout Farms Fresh fish all but guaranteed.
Winter Ice Fishing A few opportunities for the hardy ones.


The province of Ontario has over 250,000 lakes, borders on 4 of the Great Lakes (which have about 1/5 of the world's fresh water) and Hudsons Bay and contains the world famous Canadian Niagara Falls. It's no wonder that the word "Ontario" is Iroquoian for beautiful or shining waters.

With so much water around the opportunities for sport and recreation on, in and by the water are almost endless. Naturally, many of the following fishing entries deal with opportunities local to Blue Moon Retreat as in the area we have our fair share of the freshwater lakes. In addition, for our out of province guests on a more extended visit, I include some possibilities to try on their way to or from Blue Moon Retreat.

“Ontario offers many kinds of fishing experiences. Though probably best known for its muskellunge waters and walleye (pickerel) fishery, Ontario is home to an astounding 158 of Canada's 228 species of freshwater fish.” – web site: .

According to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, in 2000 there were over 107,000,000 fish caught in Ontario of which over 25,000,000 were the very popular walleye. Of these 100 million plus fish caught, more than 75% were released, so there are still at least a few out there for you to catch.

Our lake, Purdy, is only about 1.4 sq km (.54 sq miles) and a lake this size does not yield record fish – interesting; but, not records. I would say that the Purdy Lake fishing is more for the recreational fisherman (more on this below); but, there are fishing opportunities in the area that are sure to appeal to the serious, dedicated fishermen. As an example, each spring a small group of fishermen return to Blue Moon Retreat – they do some fishing in Purdy lake; but, most days are off to one of the various local lakes – perhaps trying a different one each day – it seems to work as they return year after year. The write-up below gives some suggestions on a few large local lakes which you might want to try. There are also some suggestions for lakes which you will pass on your way to Blue Moon Retreat.

If you really want to treat yourself (or that special someone) why not arrange with the local air service for a day or so on one of the really remote Ontario lakes.

We encourage you to always follow good safety practices – see for safe boating guide. More on safety in the ice fishing section.


Fish Species

“Though probably best known for its muskellunge waters and walleye (pickerel) fishery, Ontario is home to an astounding 158 of Canada's 228 species of freshwater fish. Here are some of the species you can find in Ontario waters.” – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources web site - .

For even more detailed information on the different types of fish to be caught in Ontario, we recommend the MNR web site - . An example - its entry for lake trout “..The lake trout, like other members of the char family, is typically northern in distribution. In Ontario they occur in Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and across the deep, cold lakes of the Canadian Shield. Lake trout normally inhabit only lakes with a depth greater than 15 meters (50 feet). In spring, just after ice goes out, lake trout are found near the surface and can be taken on a fly rod, or with spinners, spoons and plugs. As the water warms up they go deep and must be sought with special deep-water tackle -- wire line, lead-core line, downriggers, diving planers, etc. Large spoons, spinners and plugs are good summer trolling baits. Jigging, or still-fishing with large, dead minnows in deep water, is sometimes effective in summer. Ice fishing for lake trout is often done with minnows or lake herring, or, by jigging with spoons and jigs with bait attached.” Note: I selected lake trout for this example as they are present in Purdy Lake.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters web site - gives records and related details on the largest fish caught in Ontario. Selected examples: Walleye - 22.25 lbs (10.1 kg); Muskellunge - 65 lbs (29.5 kg) ; Lake Trout - 63.1 lbs (28.6 kg).; Brook Trout - 14.5 lbs (6.6 kg).; Chinook Salmon - 46.38 lbs. (21 kg); Lake Sturgeon – 168 lbs (76.2 kg).

To see pictures of the fish you may catch, we recommend the interactive fish tank at the web site of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission - . They also offer downloaded images of the various species.

We recommend for the Fish Ontario PDF file which gives an overview of “where and how to experience Ontario’s great sport fishing”.


Gear & Supplies

At Blue Moon Retreat we do supply pedal boats, canoes, row boats and life jackets; but, do not supply fishing tackle or bait. You can bring your own or if you don’t have any with you, due to the popularity of fishing, gear and supplies are widely available. The nearest source to Blue Moon Retreat is the general store in Combermere 7 km (4.5 miles) away (they also carry bait); if you want more of a selection you may want to try the hardware store in Barrys Bay or the Canadian Tire store in Bancroft.

If you want to try your luck on the away or on one of the local lakes or streams, a rod, reel and bait is probably all you require. However, if you want to indulge further and don’t have your own boat or canoe, you may decide to source from one of the local outfitters (Barrys Bay or Bancroft) or Marinas (e.g. Hyde’s Marina in Combermere).



For full details see the Ministry of Natural Resources web site -



Maps (Lakes)


Some fishermen (and all the companies that produce lake maps) claim that lake maps can help both first time and regular anglers. One source of such maps is Adventure Fishing Maps, P.O. Box 255, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L 1H0 1-705-292-6175. From their web site “..Lake Maps Provide You With • locations for the main fish species; • approx. water depth contour lines; • information on fish habits, movements and fishing tips; directions to the lake, boat launches, shore fishing spots, etc. • and more!”

Another source of fishing maps is Fishing Maps Plus, Westmeath, Ontario – web site - . They have an extensive selection of maps for this part of Ontario.



Naturally, there are different open seasons and catch and possession limits for the various species of fish. We are in division 15 (as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) while Algonquin Park is in division 13 - there are some differences in the seasons between the 2 divisions. See for full details on seasons.

Selected 2002 open season data for Division 15 (our local division):

Open all Year Yellow Perch, Crappie, Rainbow Trout, Splake
Jan 1 to Sept 30 Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout
First Sat. of June (1st) to Nov 30 Muskellunge
Last Sat. of June (29th) to Nov 30 Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Jan, Feb and Mar plus Third Sat of May (18th) to Dec 31
Walleye, Northern Pike


Fishing in Algonquin Park

From the Parks Ontario web site ( - “Algonquin has a reputation for some of the best trout fishing in Canada. More than 230 lakes have native Brook Trout and 149 have Lake Trout -- a fantastic concentration of trout waters that continue to yield good fishing because of the Park's tradition of wise conservation. Along the highway, many of the lakes are stocked with Splake (a hybrid of Brook and Lake trout) and fishing is outstanding. Spring is the best season for trout and summer brings on more enjoyment with Smallmouth Bass. Spend a July day with the family at a prime bass location, enjoying the scenery and reeling in the night's dinner.

Fishing during the winter is not permitted in Algonquin Park.

If you want to try fishing on Opeongo Lake, the largest in Algonquin Park, why not try a day trip. From the web site - - Algonquin Outfitters who offer the Self-Guided Algonquin Day Trip – “Enjoy a day on your own in Algonquin Park. Price includes the use of a Kevlar canoe, 2 paddles, 2 lifejackets, canoe tie-down and excellent route advice from one of our experienced guides. Cost: $26 per canoe. Opeongo Base: 613-637-2075 (call toll free from southern Ontario: 888-280-8886). Located on Opeongo Lake, in Algonquin Park (access point 11), 6 km off Hwy 60, at km 45.” Open late April to Thanksgiving Monday (October).

For one day (or even longer) trips you might also want to check out the offerings of the outfitters located near the East Gate of the Park: Algonquin Bound Outdoor Store & Canoe Rentals - ; Algonquin East Gate Motel & Outfitters - ; Opeongo Outfitters - .

A different approach could be “Guided, Rather Elegant Camping in Algonquin Park” provided by Daniel Boileau & Philippa Strachan during the period June to October; see their web site - . “We are especially appreciated by active adults, seniors and foreign travelers because we supply everything one needs for comfortable camping/touring in a wilderness area. This also makes it possible for foreign visitors to travel lightly without sacrificing the creature comforts for which vacations were meant. Our Clients Can Expect: NO portages; NO camp chores; NO heavy backpacking; Exceptional comfort in the wilderness; Delicious, freshly prepared meals; Small groups, never exceeding six. We don’t believe that one has to rough it to discover wilderness. Our clients can focus on their wilderness experience while we set up camp, prepare meals and look after the little details that make your stay special. Earth Connections makes it possible for all active adults to travel safely and comfortably into semi-remote wilderness spaces.

These web sites do not specifically reference fishing; but, if you add rod, reel and bait to their canoe/camping packages, what more do you need?


Fishing at Blue Moon Retreat

Blue Moon Retreat has about 1,500 ft (300 m) of frontage on Purdy Lake which is 1.38 km in size – not a large lake; but, definitely big enough when you paddle around it. There are 3 docks at which are moored the complimentary canoes, pedal boats and row boats (which you use at your own risk). We urge you not to go onto the water without the provided life jacket – all requirements and special needs in this area please contact JoAnne. Of course, all standard rules of water safety should be followed (e.g. always having a bailing pail). We are sorry to say that we do not provide fishing gear; if you do not have your own, you can always pick up an inexpensive rod and reel at one of the local stores (e.g. general store in Combermere (also have bait) or Canadian Tire in Bancroft or the hardware store in Barrys Bay).

Our smaller guests have a lot of fun catching fish right from the docks. What a joy to watch their reactions.

The guests interested in more serious fishing normally take one of the water craft out. One of the favorite spots in just at the drop off to the west end of the island. Another is across the lake where the creek comes in. But as always with fishing, you never know, often a fisherman returning from further out will catch some right along in front of the resort.

Purdy Lake is designated a lake trout lake and to protect them a building freeze has been imposed. We are told that lake trout will only live in very clean water and thus their presence attests to the quality of the lake water. In the lake there are also bass and pickerel. Some of our guests have quite some luck in catching fish.


Fly-in Fishing

From the Madawaska Air Services web site - : “...You can have an exhilarating adventure or the quietest time of your life by taking advantage of many of the packages available. From remote wilderness camps on remote lakes, canoe tripping on headwater routes, to housekeeping cabins on secret lakes. Complete package plans are available for superb lake trout and speckled trout fishing. FLY-IN DAY TRIPS - We'll fly you to any one of the lakes featuring your special species, supply you with boat and motor and be back in the evening to fly you and your catch out...a fantastic ,inexpensive experience. THREE-DAY TRIPS - You have a broad choice of packages and fish varieties to choose from. We'll supply you with a fully equipped tent camp and boat, or if you have your own gear we can fly you in to a primitive wilderness setting…”

I believe they may even pick you and drop you off right at the Blue Moon Retreat dock. Contact info: Donald Dunn at: Madawaska Valley Air Service; R.R. # 1, Barry's Bay, Ontario.
K0J 1B0; Telephone: 1-800-267-8507 or (613)-756-2703.

Treat yourself or that special someone to the thrill of a lifetime.


Fishing in the area

Our local municipality, Township of Hastings Highlands (size: 500 sq m (1,295 sq km); population: 4,000; population density 3.1 / sq km) is in the northern part of the County of Hastings. We do have some larger lakes in the area - 5 of which are listed below. There are many more lakes in the area - I have counted over 20, so you definitely have a choice of places to fish right close at hand.

Baptiste Lake – From the Cottagers Association web site - – “Baptiste Lake is the largest lake in Hastings County,… a surface area of 5,254 acres (2,126 hectares), a maximum depth of 103ft (31m), an average depth of 17.4ft (5.3m) and the perimeter of the lake is 38.3 miles (61.6 km)”. While Baptiste Lake by itself is quite large, it also forms a much larger lake system with links to Elephant and Benoir Lake. The species of fish present in order of abundance: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Maskinonge ( Musky), Northern Pike and Yellow Pickerel ( Walleye ). As well the lake contains populations of: Rock Bass, Yellow Perch, Trout, Pumpkinseed, White Sucker, Brown Bullhead, Burbot and Lake Herring. . Baptiste has a very healthy population of freshwater's most elusive prize, the musky. Favorite Fishing Spots: 1. Drift fishing in the narrows between Hay and West Bay; 2. Drift fishing between the island and the mainland between Grassy and Hay Bay. Across from Forest View; 3. Trolling and casting south shore of Hay Bay for bass and pike. For maps see - . The primary access is via South Baptiste Lake Road – from highway 62 turn at Birds Creek (just north of Bancroft).

Bark Lake – from the web site - - “Surface Area 9,386 acres (3,798 ha); Perimeter 55.9 miles (90 km); Maximum Depth 287 ft (87 m); Mean Depth 79.6 ft (24m). Fish Species Present: Lake trout, smallmouth bass, lake whitefish, round whitefish, white sucker, longnose sucker, rainbow smelt, brown bullhead, burbot, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, creek chub and northern redbelly dace. The Lake trout is the more popular species and 25 lb lakers are regularly found in the angler’s creel. Winter anglers favor the off-point shoals and 15 to 25 ft depths. Summer anglers catch the lunkers in the 80 to 100 ft depths.” Bark lake is just north west of Blue Moon Retreat. Note: Bark Lake has a year-round open season for lake trout.

Elephant Lake – Ontario Fisherman has stated “Elephant Lake is unquestionably one of Southern Ontario's best cottage-country fishing lakes. Trophy bass - both largemouth and smallmouth - are not uncommon and limits of 2 to 4 lb. bass are the norm. Add to the mix the lake's numerous muskies and occasional big walleye, and you have the makings for a Southern Ontario fishing grand slam. Surprisingly, though widely acclaimed, Elephant Lake is lightly fished and remains a favorite drive-to bass lake for the Ontario Fisherman staffers.” From the web site - - “Elephant Lake In Haliburton County Harcourt Township; Physical Data - Surface Area - 2,186 acres (885 hectares) Perimeter - 21.5 miles (35 km) ; Maximum Depth - 23 ft (7 m) Mean Depth - 6 ft (1.8 m). Fish Species Present - Maskinonge, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow pickerel, rock bass, yellow perch, white sucker, golden shiner.. Catches of largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow pickerel and maskinonge are excellent.” Almost due west of Maynooth, turn at the big corner in Maynooth and follow for about 20 km (16 miles).

Kaminiskeg Lake – from the web site - “Surface Area 7,200 acres (2,914 ha); Perimeter 29.0 miles (46.7 km); Maximum Depth 133 ft (40.5 m); Mean Depth 30.8 ft (9. 4 m). Fish Species Present: Yellow pickerel, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, lake whitefish, lake herring, yellow perch, white sucker, brown bullhead, rock bass, pumpkinseed, bluenose minnow, blacknose shiner, fallfish, and golden shiner. The lake is angled successfully for yellow pickerel during the open season in both winter and summer with some fish as large as ten pounds being taken. The northern pike and smallmouth bass are taken in the summer months in the weedy bays. Public access is available at the town dock in Barry’s Bay or in the village of Combermere (7 km or 4.5 miles from Blue Moon Retreat).”

Papineau Lake – “Surface Area 2085 Acres/834 ha; Perimeter 13.5 miles/21.7 km; Maximum Depth 200 ft/60.9 m. Fish Species Present: Lake trout, northern pike, largemouth bass.” – from the web site: .Just to the west of us – come out of the Blue Moon driveway, turn right (towards Maynooth) and between Purdy and Maple Leaf, take Papineau Lake Road. Papineau Lake also has an excellent public sand beach – ideal for the younger ones.


Lake Ontario & St Lawrence Fishing

Lake Ontario is the 2nd smallest of the 5 Great Lakes; but is the 14th largest lake in the world. Some statistics from The Great Lakes – Environment and Resource Book -

Length 311 km / 193 miles
Breadth 85 km / 53 miles
Average Depth 86 m / 283 ft
Maximum Depth 802 ft. / 244 m.
Water Surface Area 18,960 sq km / 7,340 sq. miles
Shoreline Length 1,146 km / 712 miles
Volume 1,640 cubic km / 393 cubic miles
Outlet St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean
Retention Time 6 years

The Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing Derby may be of most interest to our guests from outside Ontario as many will at least be transiting through the Lake Ontario area. Lake Ontario is not just around the corner from Blue Moon so this is something that you would probably do before or after your stay.

In 2002, 50 days of fishing excitement – July 6th to August 24th. Numerous prizes; i.e. tagged fish – 10 prizes form $1,000 to $1,000,000; first 50 lb fish - $50,000; Grand prize - $50,000 and many more. Entry fee is $35. Your Salmon Derby one-day ticket is included when you fish with a charter boat registered with the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. Charter boats are based along the north shore of the lake starting from about Brockville in the east through Kingston and Toronto to St Catherines in the west. The 14 weigh stations have a similar geographic distribution. See their web site - for full details.

A few years ago we drove down to Toronto just for the salmon derby – it was great.

Even if you miss the large salmon derby in July and August, you can still experience salmon, trout, pike or bass fishing on Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River (length: 3,058 km (1,900 miles) – mean discharge of 9,058 m3 /s (320,000 cu ft /s)) in the period from April to October. Just one of the many charter opportunities – Chasen Fish Charters in Brockville - .


Ottawa Fishing


If you are passing through Ottawa on your way to or from Blue Moon Retreat, why not sample the fishing possibilities on the Ottawa River (length: 1,271 km (795 miles)). Fish for bass (small and large mouth), pike, walleye, muskie, carp, sturgeon and gar pike. Just one of the many charter boat operators is Osprey Charters, 70 Wigan Drive, Nepean, On, Canada, K2E 6L1; Telephone & Fax: 613-228-3185; E-mail:; web site: .

Another charter boat operator in the Ottawa area is Mister Muskie Charters, 2216 Shanna Rd, Carp Ont., Canada; telephone: 613-839-1585; cell phone: cell 613-291-7819. From their web site - - 2002 FULL DAY charters: June 16 to November 30th with Fall Trophy Time Sept 11 to Nov 30.

If some of your party are not into fishing, there is much for them to see and do in Ottawa while you have a half or full day on a fishing charter.


Ottawa to Purdy Fishing

If you have your own boat or canoe (why not just a rod, reel & bait), on your way between Ottawa and Blue Moon Retreat, you may want to try your luck at one of the many lakes along the way. Following are only 3 of the many possibilities. These are all shown on the road map of Renfrew County at the web site- .

Golden Lake: Right beside the highway (60) when driving from Ottawa to Purdy – about 140 km from Ottawa. From the Ottawa Valley Fishing web site - -
Fish: Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass. Lake: Surface area: 8340 acres (33.8 sq km); Maximum depth: 88ft (27 m); Mean depth: 29ft (8.8 m); Perimeter: 29 miles (46.7); Light brown/clear warmer water. Also, see ice fishing section for a possibility on Golden Lake.

Lake Dore: From the web site: - “Lake Dore is the largest lake in North America with no islands, and is about 8 km. (5 miles) in length and 5 km.(3.7 miles) in width. The lake is located about 8 km. (5 miles) north of Eganville on Hwy. 41. Three public boat launches exist: at the south end at Warren's Bay, on the side road running along the south end of the lake; at the northeast corner of the lake, 100 meters (328 ft) south of the Wilberforce Township Park, which can be found on a short loop road off Hwy 41. The park, by the way, is a picnic park with a shallow, sandy swimming area, ideal for young children…”. From the web site: - - “Fish: Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass; Lake: Surface area: 3624 acres (14.7 sq km), Maximum depth: 60ft (18.3 m) , Mean depth: 25ft (7.6 m), Perimeter: 10.8 miles (17.4 miles), Light brown/clear warmer water.”.

Round Lake: From the web site: “ Fish: Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Lake Trout; Lake: -Surface area: 7596 acres (26.7 sq km), Maximum depth: 180ft (55 m), Mean depth: 43ft (13.1 m) , Perimeter: 30.9km (19.2 miles), Clear cold water.”. This is just north of highway 60 (about 10 km) and can be accessed from county roads 58 and 67; but, coming from Ottawa you may also turn off at Deacon.

Fishing maps for Lake Dore and Golden and Round Lakes available from Fishing Maps Plus, Westmeath, Ontario – web site - .


Toronto to Purdy Fishing

If you have your own boat or canoe (or just a rod, reel & bait), on your way between Toronto and Blue Moon Retreat, you may want to try your luck at one of the many lakes along the way. Following are only a few of the many possibilities.

Rice Lake, about 33 km (18 miles) long, is not far off your path when coming from Toronto – see map at which also states “Rice Lake is not only large, but it's also a fertile habitat for a wide variety of fish that anglers seek -- Large and Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Walleye, Crappie, and a great variety of Panfish, including: BlueGill, Sunfish, Perch, Rock Bass, etc.”. A very popular lake for fishing tournaments. Fish Ontario rates Rice Lake as one of Ontario’s’ best fishing spots, see their web site - provides very good fishing information for Rice Lake; e.g. public boat launches, fish distribution maps for 5 of the most popular species. Even if you are not a died in the wool fisherman, you may want to try something like Sedges’s Fishing Guiding Service which caters to novice and experienced fisherman, supplies all equipment and specializes in teaching children to fish. For more details see .

Buckhorn Lake – on the north side of Peterborough is also rated by Fish Ontario as one of Ontario’s best fishing spots. See their web site - for directions, fish distribution maps, etc.


Fishing Tournaments

If you have your own boat then you may want to participate in one of the many fishing tournaments held in Ontario. Some of these are quite large with major prizes; however, the local tournaments are more low key. I can’t find much online information re local tournaments; but, I do know that the Madawaska Valley Bass Tournament was held at Hydes Bay on Kamaniskeg Lake (in Combermere – 7 km (4.4 miles) away) on the first Saturday in July, 2002... If you are interested on fishing tournament information, I would suggest checking one of the local event calendars ( ).

Even if you don’t have your own boat, you could have rented a boat and participated on “Saturday May 18,2002 in the WALLEYE & PIKE TOURNAMENT - "LIVE RELEASE" - Madawaska River & Bark Lake; Sponsors: Barry's Bay Fish & Game & Riverland: HEADQUARTERS - RIVERLAND LODGE & CAMP; Cash Prizes Adults $15.00 – Children $5.00 - For more info. Call 637 5338 Free boat launching & parking - For Boat & motor rentals, camping & accommodation available - Call Riverland at 613-637-5338”. Their web site: .

If you want to go further then why not check out the bass tournaments sponsored by the Petawawa Bassmasters, web site - . Petawawa is about 115 km (72 miles) from Blue Moon Retreat; but, they do hold tournaments around the area (e.g. Kaminskeg Lake and Pembroke).


Trout Farms

Trout farms are stocked ponds / small lakes at which you pay for the fish that you catch. I am sure that this approach will not appeal to many of the dedicated fishermen; but, they do seem to be popular. One thing is that when you catch your own trout you know that it is much fresher than from the supermarket. I am not 100% sure; but, I also think that trout farms have an open season year round and this way you can have your fresh trout on the barbeque even when they are out of season.

The closest trout farm is Kosnaskie's Trout Farm, R.R. #2, Combermere; Telephone: (613) 756-3409.

The next closest one of the three is Natural Waters Trout Farm, R.R.#2 Killaloe, ON, Canada, K0J 2A0; Telephone: 1-613-757-2254; July and August - open daily; Spring, Fall and Winter - open weekends; call for more information;

The last one is OPEONGO MOUNTAIN TROUT FARM; R.4, Eganville; Ontario; Bill and Nancy Matschke; Telephone: 613-754-5241; Rainbow, & Speckled Trout. See their web site: . As this is a bit further away you may want to include a visit to The Blackwater Factory Store (Factory direct Sierra Designs and Contour Outdoor outerwear. Outdoor clothes for outdoor enthusiasts!; Telephone: 613-754-2541) in Foymount and/or a visit to the Bonnechere Caves near Eganville- web site: .


Winter Ice Fishing

First of all some words on safety from “…Anyone who decides to go out onto a frozen body of water must make a personal decision to do so, realizing that there is a degree of risk associated with this choice. Ice seldom freezes at a uniform rate. What constitutes a safe depth of ice is difficult to apply in all cases. While three-inches of ice on a farm pond may pose little danger, that same three inches on a moving stream or lake with springs, stumps and currents could be very dangerous. Please never go onto the ice alone, and always let someone know where you're going, and when you should be back.”

Ice fishing is possible on Purdy Lake; but, we do not supply fish huts or any of the other equipment.

If you want to try it for a day, you may want to consider High Country Snoasis - which is located between Maynooth and Madawaska – when coming from Purdy, in Maynooth turn right on hwy 127, turn right on hwy 523 (Madawaska Rd) and follow about 20 minutes. Their contact information: KEN & SUSANNE PARKER; PO Box 196; Madawaska, Ontario; K0J 2C0; Phone: (613) 637-5278; Fax: (613) 637-2892; Email: . From their price list: Fish hut rental (transient) - $25 / day / person. Ice fisherman add $10 to package for transportation to and from ice, weekday or weekend.

If you would like a guide, you may want to consider Arrow Guiding in Golden Lake (between Eganville and Killaloe) – web site - . Kim Meisel may be the only woman guide in this part of Eastern Ontario. Her contact information: Kim Meisel, RR1, Box 4, Golden Lake, Ontario, K0J 1X0; Telephone 613-625-9975. From her web site - - Ice Fishing on Golden Lake - Full Day Trip; Lunch & Refreshments; Adults: $50.00/person; Children (8-12): $25.00/child”.


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